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Pudding Media provides intelligent clientless solution for effective advertising on any telephone.

Pudding Media is building a platform for ad-supported calling plans. Pudding Media’s comprehensive carrier advertising platform redefines how we communicate and allows any voice provider, mobile carrier and fixed-line operator to add effective advertising solutions to their calling plans. Pudding Media’s comprehensive offering includes the VoiceSense™ contextual targeting engines, PUMA™ ad-server, and the Pudding Media ad network.

Pudding Media, founded in 2006, brings targeted, relevant and timely advertising to voice operators and opens new advertising real-estate that allows placement of multi-modal advertising in voice and messaging services. By combining audio, text and display ad units with a unique contextual and behavioral targeting engine, Pudding Media enables any voice provider - mobile carrier, VoIP and Web-based voice operators - to generate new revenue stream by transforming their voice minutes into an effective advertising inventory.