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Founded in: 2006
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Greenberg Media, Inc.

Public Relations for New Media/Technology Companies
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Mt. Vernon, New York, United States United States
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Greenberg Media provides media relations and editorial services for in-house marketing teams and public relation agencies.  

Greenberg Media works with clients specializing in both traditional media (broadcast, cable and motion picture) and emerging media (Internet, satellite and mobile devices), as well as the technologies that enable these platforms.     

Greenberg Media Products and Services

Media Relations

An effective media relations campaign involves sustained outreach and consistent messaging. Greenberg Media can help you to build relationships with influential consumer, business and trade journalists and bloggers.


Messaging Platforms

A messaging platform is the foundation of a public relations program.  Greenberg Media can help draft the key messages that can – and should – be consistently conveyed to key targets in the media, the investment community and the industries your organizations serves.

Third Party Influencers

Journalists, as well as potential business partners, customers and investors, turn to industry experts for validation about your company, its marketplace position and its products. Greenberg Media can work with your team to form and strengthen relationships with industry analysts and other third party influencers.

Publicizing News Announcements

Stay on their radar: Greenberg Media can help publicize news about important milestones, new product introductions and other significant news about your organization.


Greenberg Media can help prepare your executives to articulate your company’s marketplace vision and leadership before industry conferences, associations and other power gatherings.

Bylined Articles/Op-Eds

Industry leaders are also opinion leaders.  Define your market and underscore your organization’s leadership and expertise with executive bylined articles and op-eds that Greenberg Media can help draft and place in the outlets your audiences read and trust.

Media Kits

Media kits provide journalists and analysts with essential information about your organization. Greenberg Media can draft background documents outlining your organization’s market, technology, products, history and management team.

Customer Endorsements/Case Studies

Journalists want to hear about successful implementations. Greenberg Media can work with your company's customers to develop case studies substantiating and endorsing your company's product or service.

Web Content

Make your website a powerful marketing tool.  Greenberg Media can develop the type of lively, concise content that results in site “stickiness” and return visits.

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