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Seattle, Washington, United States United States
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Propella Electric has designed an e-bike that can assist riders on hills and long commutes with a simple push of a throttle without sacrificing the look and feel of the original bicycle. The Seattle-based startup has been very popular among the millennial with a drive for affordability, lightweight, minimalistic design, and building a strong social impact.
Propella’s current product model, inspired by fixie-style (single-speed) bicycles, is designed and installed with the most appropriate electric system that matches the original style of the bike. The removable battery pack provides power to a compact rear hub-motor with a top speed of 19 mph (20 mph is the legal speed limit for e-bikes in most US states). The Lithium-ion battery cells are the same as the ones in a Tesla car and will last 15-30 miles before needing to be recharged. The steel-framed bike weighs below 35 lbs which is significantly less than other electric bikes in the market.
Propella Founder Ben Tarassoli believes that a good “e-bike” must be a good “bike” in the first place, and is bridging the gap between the two. The Propella e-bike would provide riders with an easier commute, while helping towards lowering carbon emissions, and is a lot of fun to ride on!