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Company description is a mobile-first SaaS platform targeted at the "Invisible Economy" of service providers, who in the USA account for almost 1.27 Trillion dollars of economic activity a year. The platform, which is mobile-first like the providers themselves, enables them to better manage, monetize and market their services. Providers (we've counted over 1200 different types including psychologists, chiropractors, tutors, dogwalkers, realtors, personal trainers and babysitters to name a few) can use the platform to increase the efficacy of (re-) scheduling & revenue collection, and sell available time (their inventory) to existing clients & their friends via social promotion — consumers reduce the pain of rescheduling and gain access to discounts for recommending their providers. A single platform replacing 3-5 separate unintegrated tools on their phones today; bringing modern technology to the Invisible Economy.
Jim Andelman
Jim Andelman is Co-founder of Rincon Venture Partners. Before Rincon, Jim led software investing at Broadview Capital, a $250mm Bay Area VC firm. Before BCP, Jim was with Alex. Brown's Tech Group and boutique strategy consulting firm Symmetrix.