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PromoPipeline is a vertical search engine that allows you to search for promotions from vendors and distributors without logging into multiple web sites or finding that elusive promotion email. PromoPipeline lets you locate the promotions you need, when you need them.

PromoPipeline supports promotions search by categories, dates, SKUs or other relevant information to quickly find numerous vendor and distributor promotional offerings. Search results can be bookmarked, printed or emailed to clients.
Promopipeline is a band of outsiders and former insiders who dearly wanted to fix it. It wanted to enable resellers to close more deals and grow the market. PromoPipeline wanted to enable vendors and distributors to launch new products faster and be stuck with less end-of-life inventory. PromoPipeline wanted to provide a communication medium that benefits both sides of the channel and doesn't waste anyone's time.

In September of 2003 PromoPipeline was hit with a striking epiphany. Communication in the channel was broken, and it had been broken for quite a while. The only way VARs and solution providers were getting channel promotion information was either by sifting through 500+ vendor emails a day or going 30 clicks deep in a vendor website (and even then it was hit or miss). Personal touch had all but disappeared.Communication was broken.