Much more than a marketing directory
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Company description

PromoAid is a company that has streamlined how marketers and agencies screen, research and select marketing programs used to execute their strategic plans by providing a one-of-a-kind marketing data platform service containing comprehensive information on marketing service vendors.

Business model

PromoAid has created a data interface for Agencies and Marketers to source promotional tactics and services to execute their strategic marketing plans.  We provided a turn-key service through our automated system, along with our expertise, that identifies and connects our clients with relevant marketing tactics and services necessary for them to effectively market their brands. 


Competitive advantage

Marketers have relied on internal staff & agencies to research and provide detailed information on available marketing programs and to collect data from vendors. Neither is staffed to provide these services and therefore have relied on industry directories and databases (e.g. PMA, Promo Magazine, DMA, AMA, MarketingMine). These directories provide limited, dated information and do not meet the needs of the marketers/agencies as a turn-key solution to their needs.