Produk Inc.

Produk Inc.
Making Consumers Visible!
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description is reinventing the post purchase engagement between consumer product brands and consumers to bring valuable product and consumer insights to light. drives consumer product on-boarding with videos and collects first consumer impressions (reads/needs/content/demographic) on the product in the first 90 days post product purchase by gamifying the engagement experience, making it fun, visual and rewarding for consumers via mobile web. Think of us as an unboxing experience for consumer products on mobile devices. Our mantra is to help brands engage, reward & develop with their best and worst customers. We are a mobile communications platform for consumer products companies, providing simple tools for gathering insights and feedback on product experience. Enabling companies to build stronger engagement with their consumers. is an award winning U.C.Berkeley incubated startup and is led by a team with strong mobile experience and one prior exit.







Awards and Mentions
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    We won the 1st prize in the U.C.Berkeley 2013 startup competition in the products and services category!