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Procurify is the most user-friendly e-procurement software on the market. Procurify strives to make purchasing ridiculously easy and is compatible with all operating systems.

Procurify can be implemented within one week and is easily integrated with any accounting software.

There are no hidden fees or contracts.








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  • Business model

    Procurify is a cloud e-procurement software as a service solution. Procurify serves the SME market but can scale up or down to meet organizational needs. 

    Procurify charges a simple $45/month per user. There are No Contracts or Hidden Fees!

    Competitive advantage

    Procurify is priced at a very affordable rate respective to other solutions and is extremely easy to use, making the solution a great fit for the mid-size market.

    Procurify is trying to modernize the way procurement is done within organizations.  Many companies manage their purchasing through paper, excel or email based systems. This process can make it difficult to track spending, creates bottlenecks in the supply chain, and can quickly become unmanageable and unregulated.  Procurify seeks to provide a simple and easy to use system that can be quickly adopted and creates an experience similar to those found in consumer based apps or software.  


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