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ProActive Software Ltd is a fast growing Web 2.0 company that is quickly becoming a leader in world-class web-based Project Management Software and Time Management solutions.
ProActive is a completely web-based businesscreated in 2002. It was founded by twosoftware engineers who met over the internet: Julian Stone (ChCh) and Alan Barlow (Auck).
In a truly leading-edge way, the company is 100% internet based. The founders met on the internet, communicate on the internet, market on the internet and only sell over the internet. The two directors in a very “Kiwi Way” have organically grown the company remotely, using sweat equity, while only spending 10 days in the same city over the last five years.

ProActive is set to become a New Zealand SAAS success story, with them achieving high revenue growth and achieving sales in large US Blue-Chip companies. ProActive are growing fast - doubling revenues every 12 months, with this increasing. The company’s core license model is SAAS – Software As A Service, which ProActive are becoming well versed in.

Typical of many successful software companies, the business was started by developing a solution that met the founders’ own internal project workflow and communication needs. In 2002, the product was marketed over the internet and sold to 50 customers in the first month.

Over the past few years, ProActive have developed and further commercialized their “ProWorkflow Professional” project management software to meet the needs of the small business market space. This product has been sold in over twenty countries worldwide and is being used by thousands of users. Customers include UDC Finance, Air New Zealand, Fossil Watches, Fox, MySpace,, California State University, the University of Wisconsin and many more.
The core solution “ProWorkflow” is an online Project management Software solution with Time Tracking and Task Management features that help increase business efficiency, managerial effectiveness & individual accountability. ProWorkflow manages projects, automates processes and distributes live data in a secure and easy-to-use environment.