List anything you need done. See all all the bids online, remain anonymous, and choose who you want to do your work. It's fast, it's easy and it's free.
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Company description

Since 2008, has connected local service professionals to people who need any service.

Do you need a  tutor, pool cleaner, babysitter, DJ, bookkeeper, landscaper or handyman? (we have over 250 categories). Are you paying too much for current services?

Anonymously list anything you need done on pro-Bids, see the competitive bids and reputations online, and choose who you want. You email is always private with our private messaging. Choose who you want, use who you want. It's fast, it's simple and it's free. 

How does it work?

Anonymously,  list who you need, or what work you need done.

Service providers list their bid online right online. See their competitive bids and reputation, and use our private messaging to keep your personal information private. No spam, no emails and no phone calls.  You choose and contact who you want.  

Are you a service professional?
Receive email and text notifications of local jobs in your service category. Screen the job and requirements right online, bid and get back to work.

It's fast, it's simple and it's free. is a BBB accredited business and maintains a registry of over 250,000 service providers nationwide. We encourage you to use and support your local business community.


Business model

The pro-Bids model address the emerging Service Marketing web space by enabling competitive interaction between service professionals (“service providers”) and consumers. pro-Bids allows consumers to list, and the service professional to publically bid ( per hour, week, month, job) for any type of work or service the consumer needs.

It is free to view, bid and list on

Revenue streams are structured through additional member features and advertising.

pro-Bids is a direct competitor with ServiceMagic, a $150 million/year ITC owned company.


Competitive advantage
  • It is free to view, list and bid on
  • All  bids are publically displayed. You see all the bids, choose who you want, contact who you want.
  • pro-Bids does not channel business to selected subscribers, charge a fee or commission, or select service providers for you.
  • pro-Bids uses a proprietary internal messaging system to keep your information and identity private. No phone calls, No emails, No spam.
    You contact who you want, when you want.
  •  pro-Bids publically displays reputations for both the service provider and the customer