PrivyMobile Inc

Why Exchange Numbers? Phone By Email
Hinesville, Georgia, United States United States
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Company description

PrivyMobile Inc is developing a smart phone application based on patent pending technology that will allow users to place calls via email address only. The application will also support SMS, MMS and Webcam services.  Service will begin for users of Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile phones some time in the second quarter of 2011.

Business model

To reach clients worldwide, PrivyMobile must ensure that the service is affordable to users worldwide.  Downloads will be free and the service affordable.  All users will be required to pay $1 account maintance fee annually.  Basic service is free and entitles customers to 10 free incoming and outgoing calls.  For unlimited calls, customers may sign up for $4.95/yr premium membership.

We will continue to grow and expand the services our customers benefit from.  We will expand our services to include sms, mms, email and webcam services at no additional charge.

To serve clients who have contacts abroad, in the future, we hope to provide an international calls service (prepaid) that will allow customers to call their contacts abroad at competitive rates.

Our affordable rates, coupled with our sound marketing strategy (focusing on internet marketing) will ensure a high conversion rate and steady growth.


Competitive advantage
  • Development started with successful POC:  POC for all four platforms is complete (Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile) with a strong claim for Apple in the futre
  • Hold patent for technology: The provisionary patent presents a barrier for competitors to enter the market 
  • Initial product can evolve into range of offeringsover the next few years
  • Market segments all poised for rapid growth- in the US and abroad, mobile app use, smartphone use are all on the rise.
  • Social Networking potential:  There is a huge opportunity to link the app with social networking sites, and since social networking is on the rise, our opportunities for growth are enhanced.
  • PrivyMobile Inc is the first of its kind.  The fact that Google Talk, Skype, etc etc all require a destination phone number (even if they can mask the callers number) to call makes our offering unique. It also makes PrivyMobile more attractive with chances for an easy exit if need be.