Privail, Inc.

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Privail, Inc.
Enabling early disease detection and monitoring.
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

Privail is developing point-of-care (POC) diagnostics for the early detection of infectious diseases, with an initial focus on HIV. Unlike current POC diagnostic methods, which focus on the detection of antibodies or nucleic acids, Privail's proprietary technology directly detects the virus itself and is available in a simple, low-cost and portable device. By getting tested immediately, patients can receive earlier and more effective treatment, and ultimately reduce the spread of disease.


The Problem

There is a lack of early HIV identification and treatment. Today, over 54% of the 35 million HIV+ population are unaware of their disease status until symptoms appear, and as a result, are 11 times more likely to die within their first year of infection. This unawareness also increases the risk of spreading HIV. Current diagnostics, which rely on the detection of antibodies or nucleic acids, present barriers to early testing because of their high costs and long window periods. Additionally, in regions such as Africa and India, where more than 80% of the HIV population resides, social stigma associated with getting tested creates an additional barrier.  


Privail's Solution

Privail is developing simple, low-cost, and portable POC diagnostics for the detection and monitoring of infectious and inflammatory diseases. Our device will lie at the intersection between a pregnancy test and diabetes test, where all that is required is a small amount of blood from a finger prick, and within minutes, a patient will obtain easy-to-read results in the form of a color output (red or blue) or a digital output (“+” or “-“). Similarly, we will also be providing a laboratory test for hospital/clinical use, where a small patient blood sample can be mixed with Privail’s testing solution, and within minutes, results can be read with standard laboratory equipment. Furthermore, Privail’s proprietary technology is a platform that can be easily adapted for the early detection of a spectrum of diseases. Hence, there is huge future potential to impact the lives of those at risk for common diseases as well as upcoming threats.


Global Impact

By providing affordable tests that can be conducted in the privacy of one's home, we set the stage for enhanced health outcomes on a global level. The earlier a disease is detected, the better patients can enhance health outcomes and avoid disease transmission.

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Business model

Privail has established strong relationships in the USA and Africa, with hospitals and political leaders who are providing the resources and infrastructure needed to facilitate product development and carry out clinical trials. Privail will initially test its device in Africa through partnerships with local hospitals and mobile clinics. During this time, Privail will be initiating North American and European regulatory processes, in preparation for clinical trials and commercialization in the developed world. For market entry in the developing world, Privail will foster business relationships with multiple non-profit organizations, who will act as both customers and distributors of the product in regions such as Africa and India. The simplicity of the device, along with the clinical resources available to Privail in Africa, significantly reduces the cost of goods and operational expenses. Furthermore, Privail's long-term opportunity leverages the technology as a platform to develop diagnostics for other infectious diseases, and allows Privail to enter multiple global markets.








Competitive advantage

Current diagnostic methods rely on the detection of viral RNA or patient antibodies, neither of which satisfies both the early-detection and low-cost criteria needed to effectively increase patient accessibility to timely diagnostics. RNA testing is expensive and complex, costing up to hundreds of dollars and requiring sophisticated infrastructure, while antibody testing requires a 3-month window period prior to patient diagnosis. Privail is providing a solution to these drawbacks by developing a test that directly detects the virus/pathogen itself. Our technology significantly cuts down on the costs and complexity of timely disease testing, with each test costing around $10 or less and requiring a window period of <14 days. Furthermore, Privail’s technology can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world, despite any disease variations or external environmental factors. By facilitating global access to early diagnostics, more patients can take early-action in seeking effective medical treatment.