aerial CAD: one solution for many markets
San Rafael, California, United States United States
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Company description
We have developed patented techniques that take the cost our of virtual estimating.  We can model any structure or area in the US or Canada cheaper and more accurately than any other method.  Orders of magnitude more accurate than google earth based tools, our solutions can be used in insurance, solar installation, landscaping, roofing and numerous other fields.
Business model

We are a self services SaaS front end with a high efficiency service bureau.  Our customers give us an address and a few days later they get a detailed analytic report meeting their business needs.  We use the same underlying capabilities to meet the varied needs of four different verticals:  solar, insurance, landscaping and roofing.  


Our marketing costs are low because we have a small major accounts sales staff.  For the bulk of the market we are selling through partners who are industry leaders.  This strategy is looking very promising.

Competitive advantage

precigeo has the highest quality offering in this market niche.  As the quality leader and the originator of most of these service types the company has several competitive advantages:

1) Key IP in place

2) First mover advantage:  In the landscape and solar markets, precigeo is currently the only provider of these services.

3 ) Key customer relationships:  in the main targeted markets, precigeo has won the accounts of the top customers:

- #1 solar installer in US uses precigeo for every installation

- top three insurance carrier uses precigeo for adjustment

- Scotts and Horizon use precigeo for landscape service planning

4) Key  distribution partnerships are giving us more comprehensive market access than any competitor or new market entrants:

- Insurance industry adjustment and estimation software leader

- Solar installation leading bid packaging service provider

- Leading solar lead generation service

- Leading solar system measurement provider