Location: to be updated, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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PrayerSpark PRO

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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PrayerSpark ( for B2C; for B2B) has been ranked one of the 50 top startups in the world by, and one of the top 100 by Red Herring. We are a B2B, SaaS company in the healthcare space, with key Addiction Recovery and other channel partners for our clinical apps in place (PTSD, Occupational Therapy, Corporate Wellness/Stress Reduction, Campus Stress Reduction and more). We are a social good company, working on the hard issues in society today- addiction, suicide, depression... Our AI/Machine learning algorithm helps accurately predict most likely to relapse, drop out of college, commit suicide- and flags those folks in the admin panels of the sponsoring institutions for early help and intervention Uniquely, we bring to these areas interfaith-religious and non-religious spiritual support, entirely within private communication silos. The first app, appearing this winter, is for Addiction Recovery. The app is a clinical white label app, with unique features, that leaves branding and control entirely with the Rehab center. Our app launched in Feb, 2018, and extends to waiting institutional customers in March, 2018.