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Company description

Powerset was sold to Microsoft in 2008.

Powerset is a Silicon Valley company building a transformative consumer search engine based on natural language processing.

Powersets unique innovations in search are rooted in breakthrough technologies that take advantage of the structure and nuances of natural language. Using these advanced techniques, Powerset is building a large-scale search engine that breaks the confines of keyword search.

By making search more natural and intuitive, Powerset is fundamentally changing how we search the web, and delivering higher quality results.
Powerset’s search engine is currently under development. Please check back in the near future for more information about our technology and for signing up for our alpha.


Scott Banister
Scott built his career by identifying new markets and shaping innovative products for them. In 1995, he identified search engines as a significant advertising medium and invented the first products to automate marketing across multiple search engi...