Location: UCI, Irvine, California, United States United States
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
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Bringing Your Home to You
Irvine, California, United States United States
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Company description

Powerscape believes the market for home automation is congested with expensive and complicated solutions that prevent the average mobile device user from using such technology. Powerscape provides an outlet module to control power in your home or office. Our outlet module is a simple plug--‐in device-that harnesses the capability of WiFi technology-which allows you to turn on and off any electrical appliance in your home or office. Our versatile web and iPhone interfaces allow you to access this functionality from any web--‐enabled device, anywhere in the world. Powerscape products target technologically inclined customers, specifically those who have smart phones and other web--‐enabled mobile devices. Our products are ready--‐to--‐use, off--‐the--‐shelf, and are easy to setup without any advanced technical knowledge. The company provides the modules at a price point of $30

each. Our customers can use the modules in their home or office to save time and energy, by preventing unused appliances from using any electricity. Most importantly, our modules will reduce the risk of electrical hazards. Powerscape modules will be available from retail stores such as Lowe's and Best Buy, and online retailers such as Amazon and our own Powerscape store.

Our prototype demonstrates the feasibility of our business model and our product. The prototype provides all the functionality that is expected in our retail Powerscape module including managing power, creating power profiles, and managing multiple devices. Home automation is an emerging market that is expected to reach a $3 billion market cap by 2012, up from an estimated $370 million in 2000.

Business model

Powerscape offers the average consumer the ability to fully automate their home.

Our product is a small, inexpensive, and off-the-shelf solution aimed to transform your home into a digital wonderland.

Withour easy-to-install module, and our extremely versatile controlinterfaces, you can fully automate your WiFi-equipped home from anymobile device. 

Did you leave your lights on when you left yourhome in a hurry this morning? NO PROBLEM. Simply load up the PowerscapeiPhone app and turn off your lights, from anywhere in the world,instantly!

Do you hate walking around your home turning off TVs, lights, and other electrical devices before bedtime? DON'T WORRY. 
Simply logon to Powerscape's web interface and create a power profile for your home. 
At the click of a button, Powerscape will turn off all the networked appliances within your home. 

Better yet, you can tell Powerscape to turn off your home when 10 o'clock strikes.