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Company description

Pothole Alert is a mobile app to detect potholes in sidewalks and roadways combining crowdsourced data with private and public infrastructure companies. 
There are two different ways to alert about a pothole using the app: manual and automatic. In manual mode the user can upload a type, description and picture in order to make people aware of the incidence while in the automated mode the accelerometer is used to detect potholes and register them in the system. 
To use the automated mode, you need to press the "driving mode" and keep the app in the foreground. Changing the section or exiting the app will prevent the app from automatically sending more incidences. 
There are two map views in the app : Incidences and heat map. The incidence map shows us the existing points while the heat map allows us to appreciate the monthly tendencies of all the markers sent by the users.






Awards and Mentions
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    First prize in the Mobile4Change competition held by Telefonica Educación.
  • Business model

    There are three ways to earn money through the use of the system:

    1 - Private infrastructure businesses : Private enterprises are the ones that have the money and the resources to fund the project, and we can see that a lot of businesses in Europe are using obsolete systems to keeping track of their roads's problems. The app would be adapted with logo and company necessities and sold to the interested companies. If needed, a physical model able of detecting potholes could be developed and sold as a hardware add-on for the app. Monthly/semester/yearly analytics could be also sold so the company could keep track of how many pothole were reported and fixed.  

    2 - Public road maintenance entities : The government is normally in charge of the maintenance of national roads, so it will be wise for a city hall to use the new standard in road maintenance! Proper road maintenance reduces sinistrality in the road as citizen happiness. 

    3- Drivers/citizens : uploading the potholes locations would provide information that could be monetized by both private and public road maintenance entities.