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Leading the way and changing the landscape of telecommunications is a relatively unknown company named PortalVia. PortalVia, Inc., founded in 2000 and incorporated in California in 2001 was personally underwritten by CEO and Senior Radio Frequency Engineer, Bill Blair. Mr. Blair's expertise stems from his prior military experience in the United Stated Air Force as a Satellite Communications Specialist.

Mr. Blair received two patents last year (the first, for the T3iple Play (#61/347,363), internet, tv and phone services thru 1 system; and the second for the SkyLamp (#US 2007/0081478 A1), a wireless transceiver to be deployed on streetlights for distribution of true triple play services. PortalVia, Inc. partnered with Equinix, in El Segundo, CA, for collocation facilities, Cogent and Towerstream for bandwidth capacity.

PortalVia, receiving almost no exposure or credit for the triple play, which owner Bill Blair conceived, continues to make progress, but, struggles to raise financing through the traditional avenues, like banks and venture capitalists. Mr. Blair, at the helm of PortalVia, with Rick Freeman, CTO, DJ Pooh and DaBomb records' (known for producing rap artists like Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, King T, Threat and movies such as "Fridays," "3-Strikes" and others) V.P., work to establish the world's first social business network hub, IO SBN Hub, located at 11540 Hawthorne Blvd., Unit C, Hawthorne, Ca, 90250, which will sell and display PortalVia's products.

PortalVia, while reorganizing, continues to build its 5G Wireless T3iple Play Network and seeks financing via private investors. Details may be obtained from the PortalVia website (www.PortalVia.net). PortalVia, while privately held, is perfectly poised for the public with patented technology, coupled with the fact Bill Blair, CEO and founder personally underwrote the company with 100 Million common stock (PLVA) authorized for issuance, none outstanding and 7 Million Preferred (PLVAP) shares authorized for issuance, 6 million outstanding, with Mr. Blair retaining the majority of ownership in the company.

Mr. Blar has been successful in re-establishing private and secondary markets for PortalVia and other small entities who similarly struggle to raise financing for their establishments. In economies, such as these, business owners must be creative and savvy to raise capital in this tight market. Mr. Blair, a veteran, does notice certain avenues not available for minorities, such as traditional banks and other financial institutions. Most minorities do not have excellent credit scores, necessary for traditional financing of businesses, but, there are times when intellectual properties or simply a good idea is worthy of funding. These avenues are virtually null and void to minority entrepreneurs. A recent report headlined, VCs are not investing in black entrepreneurs. Mr. Blair shares this view. Holding two patents in what has been quoted as the most successful marketing campaign in history, triple play, Mr. Blair now turns to the public for support.

PortalVia, Inc. (PV), a California Corporation founded in 2000, is a Wireless “Last Mile” Convergent Services Provider (WISP) based in Los Angeles, CA. Pioneering the latest satellite and wireless communications, electronics and laser technologies, PV has developed a proprietary technology allowing end-users to receive high speed broadband internet access via satellite coupled with the ability to receive 800 channels of television programming without interruption, and Local/Long distance phone service all through one system solution.

Among the company’s key strengths is its ability to deploy a true convergent solution rapidly, with no distance limitations and at a lower cost. PV is driven to provide customers with a complete solution to their entire current and future Internet and private communication network needs.

PortalVia’s patented technology used to provide these services encompasses radio frequency (RF) modulation, encapsulation and encoding to transport data across platforms deployed in a Geosynchronous Orbit. Most satellite companies use QPSK (quadratic phase shift keying) and QAM (Quadratic Amplitude Multiplexing) modulation to transport its data. PV uses the hybrid approach, utilizing OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) in its wireless RF networks and QAM/QPSK/MPEG4/h.264 in its content reception and distribution portions, respectively of the T3iple Play to deliver “Last Mile” Solutions to customers’ door steps. PV is an expert in these, once military standards, time and frequency division multiplexing techniques, enabling PV to deliver any media across (Via) any medium. Anywhere!!! Almost instantaneously!

PV’s 3 variant “triple play” convergent service products, which, when originally introduced, single handedly “killed” DSL. PV’s original T3iple Play, labeled as the “DSL Assassin” was 5 to 10 times faster than DSL and saved customers 50-80% off their utility bills. It’s 5G Wireless T3iple Play is hundreds times faster than DSL and is the fastest version of broadband on the market to date.

1/2 Vector – Residential Service providing a full duplex (100-500Mbps upload and download speed) high speed internet connection, access to 1000s of TV stations and FREE local/long distance service

Full Vector – Business and Commercial Service offering comparable full duplex GigE (1 billion bits per second) connections, video conferencing and commercial quality FREE local/long distant phone service.

GBand “Full and Half Metal Jacket” (High Speed Gaming Band) – interfaces with Xbox, PS2 and computer gaming consoles providing lightening speeds by removing the inherent latency found in most gaming solutions.

PortalVia is a complete communications solution provider offering individualized stand alone turnkey wireless and VSAT network design and implementations to meet the demanding requirements of applications inherent in carriers, including broadband business access, wireless local loop, wireless data and digital mobility.

PortalVia, Inc. (PV), also the technical arm of CDTI Community Development Technical Institute, is a California Corporation, self-underwritten by Bill Blair, CEO/SR RF Engineer (USAF-ret.), with 100 M Common (PLVA) Shares and 7 M Preferred (PLVAP) Shares authorized, with minimal shareholders.

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