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Company description

POPVOX applies Web 2.0 technology and principles to the interlinked world of citizen engagement, professional advocacy and the legislative process, delivering a tailored product to answer the distinct needs of four unique end-users: Members of Congress, the public, advocates and the media. POPVOX will aggregate and quantify advocacy, providing a paradigm-shifting standardized metric for public sentiment and addressing the needs of the $10 billion industry of electing public officials and influencing public policy.

Business model

POPVOX will apply Web 2.0 technology to the interlinked world of citizen engagement, professional advocacy and the legislative process.

 Members of Congress and their Staff: The site will provide quantifiable, searchable, real time user-created data.  Customizable reports will tally User opinions, list endorsing or opposing advocacy organizations and trade associations and User comments.  As one senior Congressional staffer commented, “This will do a Legislative Assistant’s job for them!”  

 The Public: Profiles will identify Users by Congressional district, issue areas of interest and organizations from which they may choose to receive updates and alerts.  Users “vote” yes or no on bills, provide a 140-character “comment” sent out via Twitter and provide a longer “post” that is sent directly to their Members of Congress as constituent email.  Long-tail prompts will direct Users to other bills of interest to them based on their profiles and recommendations of organizations or friends.  

Advocacy Organizations and Trade Associations: Advocacy organizations will maintain a profile and manage outreach on legislative issues and publicly register their official support for legislation.  Organizations will be able to subscribe to a suite of services and tools for coalition building, notifications of legislative action, targeted emailing and polling. 

POPVOX will generate revenue through advertising, premium subscription services, polling and fundraising fees.  The site builds on existing grassroots networks to expedite critical user mass.   Tools for advocacy organizations and trade associations will integrate into their current processes, with add-on premium services for a fee.  


Competitive advantage

KNOWLEDGE OF CONGRESS - including the culture, information needs, technical specs, and legal and procedural hurdles.

TECH ADVANTAGE - CTO is founder of GovTrack, the API from which is the basis for all sites about Congressional bills.  

PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS - both on Capitol Hill, advocacy organizations, and national media and political blogs.

SUPERIOR MODEL - Positive feedback loop that takes advantage of the inherent motivations of all participants