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Denver, Colorado, United States United States
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Company description
We provide a public service at no cost to the public, paid for by sponsorships from companies wishing to market themselves in a socially responsible way with a green-themed, community-based project, all while garnering millions of monthly impressions!
Business model


Poo Free ParksTM provides a public service through the design, creation, installation, display, supply and maintenance of Earth-Friendly Pet Poo Bag Dispensers and Pet Poo Bags located throughout the parks and waterways of Denver, Colorado. Our first year pilot program will involve 200 dispensers strategically placed in 20 Denver parks, including all six premier dog parks.

This service is designed to help rid our parks of pet waste by providing attractive, noticeable and conveniently-placed bag supply stations located next to or near trash cans, and by displaying friendly reminders to dog owners that it is their responsibility to pick up after their pets. By providing them with the necessary tools to do so, it is only logical that dog owners will be more responsible about picking up pet waste in our parks.

In keeping with our commitment to "green" practices, maintenance staff will drive hybrid vehicles to help reduce oil dependence and air pollutants, as well as our company's overall carbon footprint.

Our Services

Poo Free ParksTM will provide the following services:

  • Provide and install professionally-designed and attractive Poo Free ParksTM bag dispensers made of 100% recyclable aluminum.
  • Stock and re-stock the dispensers with 100% biodegradable plastic bags
  • Clean, maintain and repair dispensers, including graffiti removal
  • Clearly display a phone number on each dispenser for reporting problems

Our Dispensers

  • Are constructed from 100% recyclable aluminum.
  • Will not easily deteriorate and are designed to endure harsh weather conditions.
  • Will be replaced/repaired when not functioning or fall short of appearance standards.
  • Are secure from people using them as a waste basket.
  • Are regularly re-stocked with biodegradable plastic poo bags.
  • Are eye catching and pleasant to look at.
  • Are locked to deter theft and vandalism.

Our Bags

  • Oxo-biodegradable bags are made from 100% degradable plastics
  • The bags will biodegrade within 18 months, once discarded.
  • When biodegraded, only naturally occurring and environmentally beneficial elements will remain.
  • Are as sturdy as regular plastic bags, and can be printed in the same fashion
  • Are recyclable with traditional plastics.
  • Will not negatively impact soil, water, or air quality.

Our Staff

As caring members of the human community, we are working with a local homeless rehabilitation facility, and a battered women's shelter in an effort to employ their residents and graduates. Through this program, overworked Parks & Rec employees will be relieved of any responsibilities for checking bag stations; however they will continue to empty the nearby trash cans, as this will not be the responsibility of Poo Free Parks, or our employees.

Program Funding

Poo Free ParksTM is able to provide this public service at no cost to the public by giving businesses the opportunity to sponsor dispensers and bags. Program sponsorship is similar in concept to the litter control programs along our nation's roads and highways, where a tasteful sign announces what group or company is sponsoring the clean up of a particular section of road, enabling organizations to contribute to a community service and receive recognition for doing so.

Competitive advantage
We are the only company offering this service. It has been trademarked and copywrited. First one out...is the most likely to win!