The Search Engine, Browser and Bookmark Reinvented
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PolySuite: The Search Engine, Browser and Bookmark Reinvented


PolySuite reinvents the essential tools of the web to enable people to Search, Browse and Save multiple websites simultaneously.

PolySuite Incudes:

• PolyFetch - A high-powered search engine that features innovative tools not available through the competition (http://polyfetch.com)

• PolyBrowser - A revolutionary, patent-pending way to browse multiple websites at the same time (http://polybrowser.com)

• PolyMarks – A patent-pending, online bookmarking tool designed to capture and then reopen numerous webpages with one click (http://polymarks.com)


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Business model

PolySuite will use its innovative browser to drive traffic to PolyFetch, the search engine component of PolySuite.  The company is targeting a 1% penetration of the browser market, which would bring over 17.5 million users to the search engine to drive revenue.

Competitive advantage

Invented in 1993, the Search Engine, Browser and Bookmark were originally designed to allow users to interact with only one website at a time. However, that is no longer sufficient, as modern-day internet use demands interaction with many websites. According to industry reports, "having 10 or 11 tabs open is not that uncommon, even for people who aren’t ‘power users...There are plenty of users who have many more than 30 tabs open at a maximum.

PolySuite has multiple patents pending on innovative features that allow users to interact with multiple websites simultaneously.

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Dr. Robert J. Resnick - Unconfirmed