Polykinetics: Mental Health Fitness

Polykinetics: Mental Health Fitness
Stress into strength one sequence at a time!
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Company description

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex, but it takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction" 

DISCLAIMER --This is NOT another run-of-the-mill dance-style workout. Nothing but the tried and true physiological knowledge of the past merged with the cutting-edge neuroscience of today. 

My name is Michelle Vargas and I accidentally created The S.E.L.F. Method (Simplified, Effective, Life Fitness) and Polykinetics back in January of 2014 while I was facing an in-progress life trauma, domestic violence. In those desperate moments, I had nobody to go to, no one to talk to, nowhere else to physically go, therefore, I grabbed for the only 2 things I did have during that critical moment....my headphones and a random playlist on Pandora---and for three consecutive days, I did nothing but odd looking exercises (now known as the "vertical core crunch" and the "bilateral forward punch along with other commonly known body-weight exercises) in a consistent and coordinated rhythmic pattern (remember: not dancing), along with the music, and the effects hit me with an "ah ha" moment the same as Einstein once described, "call it intuition or a leap in consciousness but the answer comes to you and you don't understand how or why".

However, I immediately realized how "crazy" this all seemed, and I began to critically doubt my own thoughts and sanity, especially a concept such as this coming from someone like me, 220lbs, breathing problems, body pain galore, an 11 second endurance, limited range of motion, mental illness complications, with no extensive history or other formal education and no love what-so-ever for the fitness industry or working out; yet.... I ironically possess an impressive background in Taekwondo as a competition fighter with more than 60 trophies, awards and medals, as well as, a lead black belt instructor for several years---reminding my critics and skeptics that no one needs permission or pay a college tuition to simply open a book and physically take action.

So I did Took action and began researching it, working backwards, to in fact make sure I wasn't just simply losing my damn mind due to all of the emotional duress in tandem with major depression to which I was diagnosed as having back in 2005. Needless to say, I ultimately got my first push to pursue this the day I got a random call from a lady from BeachBody™ who had heard of me creating a new methodology and once I told her it was created to help those with mental illnesses and mental disorders, our conversation came to a quick end. I didn't even get a chance to get into all the juicy and exciting details.

Nothing more came from that call other than getting my first hint of  industry validation that there was something different with Polykinetics; so I became obsessed with digging into it, piece by piece by piece, and I went on to independently learn of various properties and aspects of human anatomy, physics, neurology, psychology, physiology/kinesiology, in addition to, many cross variations of those branches of science.  


To date, I've dedicated more than 7,400 hours into researching, studying, testing, raising awareness, and creating affective kinetic sequence workouts to help provide anyone at any time a powerful, long sustaining relief for many neurobiological aliments.  Polykinetics is particularly effective in comparison with conventional "talk therapy" approaches. For me personally, I was always taught that you don't "air out your dirty laundry" to people and that "actions always speak louder than words".  So there we go. An ideal route for those, who like me, aren't fans of dishing out their darkest secrets and mental vulnerabilities to complete strangers regardless of their professional title--- It's just not my thing, as it isn't a thing for tens-of-millions of others around the world who continue to suffer in silence today. 

I'm hoping you'll help me to help them by getting the word out to people that this method exists, and it's completely science based (no ideologies, theologies, or new age anything implied) and it's free for them to learn online which allows for people to reap benefits without having to take a single class with an instructor.  

Any and all opportunities to further promote general interest and boost social media support would be a true gift. Polykinetics is still very slowly emerging, but I am hoping with a combined and collective effort, one day, it will grow to be as big, if not bigger, than Zumba.

Thank you!

Michelle Vargas

Call or text: (618) 798-0145




Business model

The business model blueprint is comprised of several potential streams of revenue through the means of:

  • Live seminars
  • Public workshops
  • Individual online sessions (PK S.E.L.F.) Single and monthly packages
  • In-person group sessions - Single and monthly packages
  • Demographic-specific classes:
    • by age group (PK Kids, Tweens & Teens, 18+, Seniors)
    • sex specific sessions: (Men Only, Women Only)
    • fitness level
    • music genre/themes (PK: Rock, PK: Pop, PK: 80's & 90's)
  • Instructor's certification process (PK Pro) 
  • Selling various branded products and merchandise: apparel and accessories, padded mats, gym towels, water bottles, pedometers, gym bags etc.
  • Monthly subscriptions for access to exclusive networking portal for instructor's to gain fresh leads on new potential clients or various publicity opportunities within their own respected areas of operation, as well as, continued education information, PK-preneur growth support, and much more.
  • Increase website advertisements
  • Book sales

Furthermore, there are advanced opportunities unique to Polykinetics over other mainstream fitness programs due to its excuse-proof and universal design.

Competitive advantage

The strongest competitor in comparison to the business model and company growth potential of Polykinetics, is Zumba. The Latin inspired dance-fitness class with a global cult following; however, although Zumba has reached an amazing pinnacle point of fitness success, they unfortunately cut themselves a bit short by only appealing to those who either

  • like to dance in general, or
  • people particularly fond of only Latin-styled music. 

This is where Polykinetics has one of the strongest advantages due to it being compatible with MOST music genres and songs it's used with.  Allowing participants to do kinetic sequences to which ever song of whichever style they choose. Unlike Zumba, Polykinetics is NOT a dance-style method, rather a method that takes tried and true physiological favorites of the past and infuses them init to the cutting-edge informative world of neuroscience. Educating participants on how their physical health directly impacts their mental health. This in turn, takes the focal point off of the outside image and the "lose weight, feel great" cliche, and shifts that focus completely onto the importance of utilizing physical exercise to help prevent and alleviate various mental health complications and condition symptoms. Zumba has never taken such an approach, allowing Polykinetics the opportunity to promote and appeal to both the fitness industry as well as the massive global mental health and wellness industry and community.

Currently, there is said to be more than 100,000+ Zumba instructor's, which has brought the company under criticism due to "over-saturating".

Currently, there is only 1 certified Polykinetics instructor: the founder. allowing for explosive potential market growth and aggressive global expansion plans utilizing various social media outlets and platforms with multiple forms of digital media campaigns 

Zumba founder is a former dance instructor

Polykinetics founder is a former martial arts instructor

Biggest advantage: Everyone is always looking for something new when it comes to the health and fitness industry and there has never been a systematic physical exercise method solely dedicated and designed for those with mental illnesses and/or disorders.