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Pollection, Inc
Berkeley, California, United States United States
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Company description

 Pollection is market research 2.0. We enable businesses and individuals to reach their targeted audiences on today’s premier online destinations, social networks, and tap into a wealth of accurate consumer information never before so readily accessible . Our customers can distribute their research questions to their specific target market at the fraction of the cost of traditional market research and get results back in a matter of days, not months. Contact us if you are interested in running a research project.

Pollection is also a monetization platform that enables social networks to leverage not only their traffic but also their intimate knowledge of their customers. Our partners are able to achieve much higher CPM and CPC rates compared to online advertizing and keep engaging with their users on their properties. Contact us if you would like to learn more about partnership opportunities.

And last but not least, Pollection is the best multimedia polling platform for any use. Our free service allows anybody to build creative and engaging polls and display them on any online property as easily as you would post a YouTube video. Not only you get amazing polls for free you also get the same level of analysis on the poll results as any of our research customers get. We think this is the best way to try our services. Enjoy creating amazing polls and post them to your blog, social network profile or any other online property you like. Happy Polling!

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