Location-based advertising marketplace platform
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Company description
POIdo is a pay-per-action location-based advertising (LBA) platform providing ads targeted to users' precise location, context and behavior in applications on mobile phones and internet sites.


The user sees the ad message within the application in use when approaching a virtual billboard or as a result of searching for a nearby address.

Business model
POIdo provides a broad set of products, including brand advertisement, PPC and pay-per-call (coupons coming Q2 2010). POIdo earns a percentage of all advertising revenue.
Competitive advantage

POIdo is the world's first LBA platform that creates a competitive marketplace where the price of advertising is determined by the market (advertisers compete for ad visibility).


POIdo is the world's first LBA platform where virtual billboards can be placed at optimal locations, not just the business location.


POIdo provides API for both advertisers and publishers, allowing development of innovative applications with location-aware monetization/advertising built in.


POIdo is one of the few LBA platforms not violating Google's LBA patent.