PODIUM Participation Funds

PODIUM Participation Funds
Local capital backing local ventures with global potential
Calgary, Canada Canada
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Company description

PODIUM Participation Funds (PPF) is local capital backing local ventures with global potential. This provides Calgarians the opportunity to invest in our city while maintaining the potential for a world-class return. There are three unique twists to our approach:

  We're using technology to invite Calgarians to join this investment community 
  We're leveraging the wisdom of that investment community to help choose the Calgary 
     businesses we invest in
  The individual $5,000 investments can be done through a TFSA, so any ROI is tax-free
This back-to-basics approach is a snapshot for the evolution of how our modern day economy developed from
its infancy.

Business model

Ultimately, people are the business and the business is people. That includes you. (PODIUM is a Participation
Fund after-all.)

So who are we?  We are a group of like-minded, ambitious individuals committed to attracting a community of influencers to create the industry of Participation Capital. The three things we all share are:

  The vision of challenging the traditional investment models by democratizing capital.

  A passion for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurialism.

  Collective sense: we believe 5,000 minds can make better decisions than five minds.

Competitive advantage