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Building the Best Urban Mobility Solutions on the Planet!
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What If  the future transportation vehicle was Innovative, Economical, Affordable, and Fun?  

What If consumers gas expense of over $2,000 per year was reduced to a mere $27/year in electricity for transportation!

What If you were a part of an early stage industry with proven demand annually of $12.7B, just starting to grow here. 

In an unregulated industry requiring no license, registration or insurance?

You have that opportunity now, Plugngo Electrixx is an early stage company designed to make a ‘Made in USA’ line of electric bikes and scooters focused on mass adoption placed squarely at the intersection of Quality, Affordability and Design! 

We are building the industry’s first ‘Made in USA’ scalable Lifestyle Brand of affordable e-bikes and scooters, and a very unique patented proprietary 4-wheel stand up personal transporter. 

Our company’s growth roadmap and products are designed for mass adoption nationally, for our company stores/independent dealerships and large retail channel partners across America. 

Sales globally e-bikes/scooters in 2013 were $8.2 billion (Asia), $4.5 billion(Europe), just $80 million in USA – up from $48M 2012 (e-bikes)            

We have early on commissioned a top 5 Ad/Branding agency who delivered not one, but two 'Lifestyle' Brands. One for the mass market, one for the higher end segment (think Toyota/Lexus).