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PlayMyAd, Inc.
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Company description

PlayMyAd, Inc. owns and operates a web based marketplace for digital out of home advertising. Our marketplace brings together digital out of home networks and advertisers. Currently, our marketplace gives advertisers' access to ad space on TVs at over 800 gas stations nationwide with plans to expand to movie theaters, elevators, grocery stores and shopping malls. 


Business model

Advertisers can use to research, plan, and purchase ad space free of charge.

Digital out of home networks (screen owners) can list their ad space on free of charge.

PlayMyAd makes money by withholding a percentage of every sale and distributing the rest to the appropriate Digital Out-of-Home networks (screen owners).

Competitive advantage

Intellectual Property

  • Provisional Patent: Web based marketplace for Digital Out of Home Advertising (
  • Trademark: PlayMyAd name and logo

Highly Experienced Management Team

  • Justin Phan has the widest range of experience in the Digital Out of Home Industry.
  •  Zoe Myerson has over 25 years of advertising sales experience, co-founded Overture (now Yahoo Search Marketing) and created the first cost per click advertising model.
  • John Tran has over 9 years of experience at Walt Disney as a senior art director and web development specialist.

Superior Development Team & Operations Model

The internal structure of our design & development team combined with superior industry experience enables PlayMyAd to build better technology than our competitors at a faster rate and at a significantly lower cost.


 We have the  most comprehensive and advanced technology. Our web based marketplace enables advertisers to:

  • Purchase ad space at a single location or multiple locations.
  • Purchase any size or format of ad space (banner ads, video ads)
  • Purchase ad space that targets specific demographics and geographic locations.
  • Quickly create an ad using our ad generation system.
  • Manage multiple campaigns.