Location: London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Founded in: 2013
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Awards and mentions
Presented and exhibited in the finals of the EIT/ICT Future of Cloud symposium.
Awarded a stand to exhibit at the biggest IT exhibition in the world by UKTI & KTN.
Selected to pitch at Guardian Activate New York.
Won the UK round of the GITR 1 million euro investment battle competition.
$25,000 for best Android game.
Selected as one of the most innovative internet startups to pitch and exhibit at the GMIC.
Shortlisted as one of the most innovative mobile companies in the UK by a government run competition.


Making the making apps and games as easy as playing with lego
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Company description

We're making making apps and games as easy as playing with lego, with super-easy tools to teach programming, design and app entrepreneurship.
With the aim being to address the software skills shortage with super-easy educational tools that teach and inspire software design, coding, marketing and entrepreneurship with intuitive mobile and tablet friendly design.
Uniqueness of our solution is our pioneering technology to allow for the real-time streaming and optimzation of source code without the need of updating apps on devices or app stores, meaning anyone can create from an device (use an iPad to make an Android game).

In the short term, commercialization will occur from software as a service extras such as providing more server side infrastructure  for multiplayer connections, advanced analytics and user support, including the sale of more advanced app and game templates.
From initial market research our initial target market will be kids aged 12 and above, who have experimented with tools such as Scratch and Minecraft, but are looking to get into more advanced use cases without being able to make the jump required for programming in Unity3D or Java for MineCraft.

In this space our main competitors are CodeAcademy, Scratch and Unity3D.CodeAcademy - teaches users how to write programming source code via text based tutorials, where we differ is that we will be teaching users programming in a more fun tablet friendly visual environment, where the end product is to release a game or app. We too will be teaching JavaScript by initially layered in a visual flow chart based model.
Scratch - teaching users how to create interactive image based games and animations, where we differ is that we target the creation of higher fidelity of products and aim to teach the users a more industry standard of programming languages than our own proprietary code.
Unity3D - an advanced games editor, where we differ is that we target less technical users with a flatter learning curve to get up and running, our tools also are aimed to run on mobile and tablet devices, which will allow for a larger potential market to get into digital creation.

Currently we are BETA testing the technology with 2x increase month on month signups for the past quarter, with users ranging from kids who are e-mail requesting for mobile versions of the tools, to MineCraft players looking to expand their portfolio from just editing levels, to more advanced logic without learning Java and Eclipse, to indie game makers using basic tools such as Game Maker Studio (low fidelity desktop based creation) and Unity (high fidelity desktop based creation, complex and crashes too much on their computer).
April - 54 new signups (5 pro)May - 115 new signups (10 pro)June - 271 new signups (21 pro)*Pro accounts are advertised at $20p/m subscription, which we aren't currently charging for during BETA. 

Ashraf Samy Hegab - Worked in the games industry for 7 years, on titles such as 50 Cent Blood on the Sand (woo!), and BAFTA award winning F1 2010. Then 3 years in Mobile R&D. Hobbies include Professional Wrestling, poetry, YouTube videos and comedy.
Alexandra Goddard - 1st class student in 3D modelling and design. Loves games, loves art. Has a notepad full of drawings and concepts.
Foyzul Hassan - Graduate of the Apps for Good programme to teach kids from rough areas how to get into App development. Lives in Photoshop, creates beautiful concept art. Worked on an App for a minor celebrity in the UK, and for one which received national UK press interest.

Why Us?
Currently there has been a drive to make productivity more relevant on mobile devices with the release of Office, iMovie and more productivity apps with touch interfaces. However, in game and app development, it is still an un-solved problem.
We've developed a real-time code streaming and optimization solution which allows us to create advanced games and apps, and visual tools to enable them to be edited in a more user friendly way.
Putting these two elements together, our visual edits write out code which is then streamed to other mobiles. Meaning that an iPad user could visually edit app logic, which is then converted to code, and streamed to an Android device, allowing them to actually publish their own apps and games across mobile ecosystems in real-time.
This also works to enable collaboration and learning in new ways. By playing with visual blocks of code, users will be able to see the intended impact of their changes in real-time on their own mobile devices.

Business model

Testing B2B licencing deals via 3rd party development contracts, and B2C SaaS monthly fees.

In future we'll test revenue share with content creators.

Competitive advantage

Best in the world technology experts in real-time game development.