Location: Grabenweg 68 Penthouse Office Top 1, Innsbruck, Austria Austria
Founded in: 2009
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 6-15
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Global New Venture Challenge
Univ. of Chicago Booth School of Business


semantic, multimedia, search, annotation, browsing
Innsbruck, Austria Austria

Enable users in the corporate setting to work with videos and audios just
like they currently do with textual documents

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Company description

playence ( is a provider of intelligent solutions for contextual multimedia annotation, search, browsing and enrichment. Our solution allows to land a search at the exact second a word is being pronounced in an audio or a character appears in a video stream. playence’s technology is able to process natural language queries and exploit the context of the user’s request, to better match information needs, with the videos, audios and text assets in the repository. This technological improvement, results in better information access while reducing operating expenditures.


Business model
  1. Usage-based model (# of assets, # of users or # of Gigas).
  2. Indirect sales.
Competitive advantage
  1. Native contextual technology, to improve performance  and effectiveness of information access.
  2. Automatic knowledge extraction and 3x faster contextual annotation than competitors to drastically reduce OpEx.
  3. Knowledge enrichment to automatically complement extracted knowledge with information from the Wikipedia or other corporate information silos.
  4. Natural language queries more accurately matched with objects’ descriptions, offering improved accuracy of results and reducing the search time by 50%.
  5. Search landing at the exact second the sought character appears in a video or the needed word is pronounced in an audio stream.
  6. Cross-language, cross-asset query and homogeneous asset retrieval, improving information access across multinational organizations.