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Company description

PlantAware is the Internet of Plants. Your digital green thumb. A web service and modular hardware to help gardeners and farmers grow better plants with minimal efforts.

This is done by crowd sourcing horticultural knowledge and compiling it into downloadable plant applications we call "GrowCycles".

With a simple click, users can download GrowCycles and enjoy intelligent automation and guidance, adopted specifically to their garden or farm - based on the plants they grow.

GrowCycles help growers achieve the best possible results by displaying - in sync with actual life cycle of the plant -  step by step caring instructions, trivia, suggestions, tips and alerts, delivered as text, video and pictures. These interactive events are used to help users decide what to plant, advise them of problems, and remind them of things to do in their garden or farm. 

Monitoring and control is done on our hardware which is made of plug-&-play sensor and device nodes connected by 2way radio to an internet gateway. Nodes are modular and expandable; making them suitable for consumers and professionals alike.

We offer:

  • Consumer Gardeners - the encouragement to grow whatever they want, and the guarantee that they will be successful.
  • Professional Farmers - the means to experiment and compare, along with a scaleable modular system for superior agricultural control.
  • Cities and Municipalities  - the means to unify the control, maintenance and monitoring, of parks and landscapes throughout the city.

  • Tamir Barelia
    Tamir Barelia | Founder
    I'm a business developer, designer and project manager, with extensive background in agriculture, design and software development. I previously been at StudioGPU where I helped develop and launch the revolutionary MachStudio Pro.
  • Eric Einem
    Eric Einem | Founder
    I'm a software engineer specializing in embedded hardware programming of monitoring and control systems. I've worked for 15 years at CSTS programming and improving successful emissions monitoring systems.
  • Nir Avital
    Nir Avital | Founder
    I'm a full stack software engineer who recently promoted into a Team leader position. I have worked on projects that involved high scalability \availability aspects. My latest passion is Machine Learning. I graduated from Tel Aviv University (BSc CS)
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