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Company description

We are a wasteful society: we use and toss products with barely a thought to the impact on our environment, wallet and community. As a result, perfectly usable building materials currently account for 40% of all the stuff in U.S. landfills. The solution is reuse. 

PlanetReuse Marketplace is making reuse simple in order to make reuse standard. The web and mobile applications we offer make it easy for sellers of reused materials to market their inventory online, increasing outreach, sales and profitability. This, in turn, increases landfill diversion, our ultimate goal. 

Reuse centers will be able to meet potential customers where they are: online. They will have the marketing, technological and economic capabilities, enabling them to be a legitimate competitor to the “buy new” industry. The increased success of a reuse centers translate to positive impacts on their local community, economy and environment. 


Awards and Mentions
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    We were featured in the 2012 "Companies to Watch" by Bloomberg BusinessWeek.
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    Chosen from over 70,000 applicants, we were awarded a Grant from the Mission: Small Business program, created by J.P. Morgan Chase and Living Social.
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    PlanetReuse Marketplace was named winner of the South by Southwest Eco Startup Showcase. After being selected from an application process, we went through several rounds of pitching, finally being awarded the recognition of Showcase winner.
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    Wall Street Journal Startup of the Year Finalist
    PlanetReuse Marketplace was recognized as one of the finalists for the Wall Street Journal Startup of the Year Competition.
  • Business model

    PlanetReuse Marketplace evolved from our original venture, PlanetReuse, a very successful materials brokerage for commercial projects. PlanetReuse continues to lead the field of viable reuse, contributing to the first two Living Building Challenges in the world and facilitating reclaimed materials in projects across the country. PlanetReuse Marketplace will capitalize on this wide-stretching relationship network, allowing us to make our technology readily available from coast to cast. 

    Our ultimate goal is a future where anyone in any world can simply download the PlanetReuse Marketplace application and use it to effortlessly publish, promote and sell their reused items online. The technology is incredibly simple and intuitive, allowing for an exceedingly diverse customer base. To accomplish our mission of diverting landfill waste, we want as many people participating in the reuse industry as possible, to make donating items as common as ditching them, and buying used as easy as buying new. 


    Competitive advantage

    We provide the solution the reuse industry has been searching for, and we are the provider of this technology specifically made for the reuse industry. Tailor-made for this field, we outfit reuse sellers with incredibly simple tools and technology in order to compete in an increasingly tech-savvy consumer environment, one in which they have been all but absent in for the entirety of their existence.

    We enable online marketing, managing and selling of reused items, contributing to the increased viability and scalability of the reuse industry as a whole and reuse sellers individually. We educate the public about reuse, making it an attractive alternative to buying new. All of which leads to decreased landfill waste and fewer resources consumed to create new products.