Plan A Drink

Plan A Drink
Have Your People, Meet My People.
Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Company description

Plan A Drink is an online group-dating platform that connects two groups of up to 6 close friends.

In addition to tapping into the $2 Billion online dating space, we believe there is a huge untapped opportunity in the 21-30 year old market. This group is still averse to online dating for a variety of reasons. Plan A Drink solves these issues by emulating real life situations in which people connect with potential partners in the company of their close social circle.

We also work with local venues to provide exclusive discounts to encourage groups to meet each other in a comfortable and fun environment. 


Business model

As a consumer facing platform we are currently focused on building our product and attracting a large user base. We have multiple ways we will generate revenue once this occurs. 

Competitive advantage

Our team is strong, our product is easy to use, fun, and we will be providing the Y-Generation with a service that speaks to them.