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Company description

Pixeom is the market leading software-defined edge computing platform. With Pixeom, it is incredibly easy to manage distributed on-premise infrastructure and automate the deployment of edge workloads at massive scale. Pixeom was founded in 2014 and is redefining how enterprises manage hybrid cloud resources.

Pixeom’s platform recreates and orchestrates cloud functionality on-premise, making it easy to deploy and manage large-scale, geographically distributed infrastructure and workloads. It is an enterprise-ready technology that meets the stringent requirements of our dozens of Fortune 500 customers and because Pixeom is agnostic, we can deploy edge infrastructure that runs on any hardware, any operating system, and connects to any cloud.

See our CEO talking about Pixeom.

Competitive advantage

Pixeom has done the impossible – by containerizing many popular cloud services, Pixeom enables your containerized cloud application to be run on the edge, on-premise – delivering better responsiveness, more robustness and security.