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The Pixeom Personal Exchange Network allows users to easily create, access, and share their content from anywhere while connecting with a global community, through the use of a Pixeom X1 device. The X1, a small personal cloud device facilitates file storage and collaboration, building relationships, and e-commerce -- by acting together with other X1 devices powers a community-built independent network.


The Personal Exchange Network facilitates three types of content exchanges:


  • File Exchange – enables Pixeom users to store and share files with built-in synchronization and commenting for collaboration, as well as versioning for convenient recovery.


  • Club Exchange – provides Pixeom users the ability to create interactive discussion boards and build social communities around topics of interest, or allow businesses to foster communication with customers and partners.


  • Market Exchange – allows Pixeom users to create interactive virtual stores or list individual items for sale via the network, without having to pay listing fees or forfeit profits due to excessive commissions charged by hosting service providers

The Pixeom box itself can be placed anywhere and utilizes remarkably little power. All data is encrypted with secure customizable keys, preventing unauthorized access. Owners of a Pixeom X1 device can easily upload, store, post, and share data from anywhere without using a third-party cloud or hosting service provider, and without being subject to storage limits, usage restrictions, incremental fees, or the potential for security breaches. An X1 can be linked to another owned X1 device for added capacity or redundancy, as well as be deployed at multiple locations to guard against network failures, making it ideal for small business users as well as the individual consumer.

The Pixeom X1 is currently available for $100 via the Pixeom Kickstarter campaign page  before the general availability in Q2, 2014.

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Competitive advantage

We offer customers three personal exchanges, via our all-in one free app that runs on the smart devices that they purchase from us. Dropbox and Box combined together offer similar services to our File Exchange. Facebook and Salesforce are the closest relationship management competitors to our Club Exchange. Shopify and Etsy are direct competitors of our Market Exchange. No competitor offers all three bundled together and interlinked like we do.