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Company description

Pitch2Crowd is a crowdsourcing platform designed to provide entrepreneurs with feedback for their early stage initiatives. It elevates the use of social network from cursory interactions to substantive exchanges.

Our goal is to transform chatter to matter.

Insights can be triggered by chance encounters and conversations at the proverbial water cooler. Pitch2Crowd provides the opportunity for those water cooler exchanges. Through random encounters and exchanges with a focused purpose, good ideas bubble up to become unique and solutions.

That's how communications evolve from chatter to matter and how new ventures become viable businesses.

Build your new venture at Pitch2Crowd and watch what bubbles up.


Pitch2Crowd is currently in closed-beta version (MVP).   It will go into public-beta in ealry 2013

General feedback have been great.   However, the major feedback on the MVP are :

  • improve the UX
  • include videos: Vimeo, Youtube 
  • include slideshow from Slideshare 
  • upload image to create online slides 
  • crowd feedback should be more than simply comments. 
  • other  feedback mechanism can ratings, polls, up-vote

Business model

Pitch2Crowd's business model is primarily a "freemium" lead-generation model.

The basic  user account will be free. It will allow the entrepreneur to receive feedback and comments while promoting his startup.

The premium account will allow users access to premium services & discounts from service providers.

Pitch2Crowd will also be able to generate revenue by providing leads to service provders.