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Create video stickers & video greetings for chat conversations
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Snapwit- Create fun video stickers & greetings for chat conversations 

Snapwit is a mobile video app to create fun video stickers & greetings for any chat-based app you use. Users can record upto 30 seconds of fun video selfies with themes, text and live filters.

There are many times, when emojis/stickers or even GIF reactions  are not enough to convey an emotion.  While stickers are during chat are fun,  Snapwit provides much deeper expressions video. Users can send a truly personalised micro-video expressing one’s face, personality & audio to your friends with hilarious themes.

Eg users can show their excitement, love, feelings by creating video reactions for BRB, MISS you. Where are you, Hey you. There are variety of themes to create video-reactions which will definitely surprise your friends, or kick start an engaging conversation.

Its truly guaranteed they won’t forget. And these Snapwits are memories to preserve which your friends will definitely remember.  The videos are automatically saved into camera-roll. 

Users need not login & their creations can be instantly shared to any social network or messaging app.  Snapwit also supports photo mode to create of selfie photo stickers.

Snapwit is available on app store@