Location: Vindhya C-4,IIIT-H Campus,Gachibowli, INDIA
Founded in: 2018
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 6-15
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Company description

Pinoty is an idea that took shape in a brain storming session conducted in a meeting where doctors and engineers were sharing their ideas. Pinoty is a Medical electronics /Bio medical company which acquires 5 different body vitals using real time signal processing and analyse this data using Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning to predict the potential health hazards of a person and help in maintaining health.Pinoty is a Medical Electronics company which uses preventive health care platform to predict longevity of a person.Pinoty is a preventive healthcare solution which helps in preventing chronic diseases using early diagnosis and continuous monitoring.

Business model

We are targeting prevention of chronic diseases through early diagnosis and regular monitoring through our present innovation, which is a comprehensive solution including a way to identify the risk prone individuals, segregate them accordingly, monitor their ongoing health through our innovative wearable device.This solution will act as preventive health care frame work & will work as personalised health monitor.

Competitive advantage

We are unique in our services at present as we are adding intelligence to data give actionable conclusions unlike our competitors .In Future we will see competition from EMR/EHR providers but we will have differentiation through personalization.Online clinics can use for remote monitoring of the patients health,Insurance companies to provide personalised and cost effective policies to their customers.Pharmacies to monitor the health parameters during drug trials.The existing solutions use demographic statistics where as we personalise it through individual inferences .We have developed innovative techniques to maximise customer engagement.Our solution is a comprehensive framework for actionable conclusion.