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Invite online, in style. Design and send uniquely personalized online invitations for social and business events. The combination of easy to use design tools, a large selection of pre-designed invitations and library of over 2 million unique images create stylish and great looking invitations for any event. pingg’s surroundSend reaches guests via email, SMS, web, print and Facebook. Customizable ad-free event web pages also include photos, video, gift & charity registries, tools for collecting money, RSVP tracking, guest messaging and more. pingg simplifies the management of all event communications including follow-ups, reminders, guest list additions and last minute changes. Advanced reporting includes pingg’s unique live event and RSS newsfeeds. At, every invite is well sent.
These days, cell phones, MP3 players, and even our sneakers are stylish, personalized, and technologically progressive. So why are online invitations stubbornly stuck in the past?

This simple realization was the genesis behind pingg. We envisioned online invitations that expressed personality and delivered excitement — not clip art or banner ads. In our minds, advanced event management and reporting tools could make our lives easier — without compromising style.

What we really wanted was:
Stylish and sophisticated invitations that reflected our taste and personality as well as our event style
The ability to send invitations and follow-up communications in a way that was compatible with our modern lives, via email, sms, personalized event web page, social networks (facebook) and also printed and mailed ... because sometimes people want an old-fashioned invitation
The ease and convenience of advanced management tools for organizing guest lists and tracking open-rates so that we could manage personal and professional events from one place

And now, the world we pictured is here. Welcome to the world of pingg — the next generation of free invitations, advanced delivery and event management tools and more.