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Company description
Collaborative Last-mile Delivery Platform.
Connects merchants and delivery teams across the world.
Get last-mile delivery seamlessly integrated 
with your business
Design your processes, standards, rules and spread them among delivery teams.
Keep every detail under your full control.
Business Process Constructor
Decide how your order flow should look like, what goes first and what next, should orders be confirmed before delivery, how many recalls should operators attempt and what should be said to the customer.
Delivery Network
We've gathered most efficient logistics partners in each country of our presence. All those partners are already integrated and are ready to act according to your standards, rules and processes. 
Just as an essential part of your team.
Advanced Analytics
Get clear answers for your "what", "where" and "why" questions. Keep control of each team's KPIs, inventory stock levels, amount of cash collected, order cancellation reasons and etc.