PinBud International
Location: PO Box 18048 300, 85 Shawville Blvd SE, Calgary, Canada Canada
Founded in: 2009
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 6-15
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PinBud International

Get quotes from multiple businesses with a single request!
Calgary, Canada Canada
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Company description

PinBud is the natural step forward for the local search market because it successfully combines 2 different and divergent local search approaches. The emerging local search market currently follows 2 development models:

1. Yellow Pages. This model is built on top of traditional "yellow pages" directories. When an online user performs a search, the "yellow pages" directories are displaying business profiles related to that search (for example, "plumbers in Seattle"). The user can browse through profiles and then call one by one the most interesting profiles. Although this is a very time consuming task, the model powers today some important local websites, including Google Places and Yahoo! Local. Or the genuine

2. The "tip" sellers. The best known "tip" seller is Basically, such a website tries to "capture" from the user some information regarding his/her needs (such as: "I need a plumber to fix my bathroom"), then sell this "tip" to the local interested contractors. The contractors pay a fee, then obtain the tip. Minor competitors of ServiceMagic are and Each website uses a slightly different model, but the basic idea is the same: selling "tips" to interested local contractors.

With (and we are trying to go a step further. PinBud is a business directory like any other "yellow pages" directory, but it provides the unique feature that it gives to the user the opportunity to send the "tip" (id, the service request) directly to the contractors. So, PinBud combines the openness of the "yellow pages" model with the practicality of the "tip" selling model. We kept from "yellow pages" the idea of information's accesibility: we strongly believe that the users must know very well whom to ask for services. But, unlike the "tip" selling websites, PinBud doesn't interfere between the user and the contractor. The user can select whatever contractors he/she wants; than organise a bid in which any selected contractor can participate.

The company behind PinBud was founded in 2009. The first version of the application was ready on January 1st, 2010. Since the end of 2010 we are out of beta.

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Business model

The revenues should come from:

1. paid packages: in order to give to the users a better insight about their services, the contractors can fill-in an online profile. The most basic profile is the free one, the "Bronze" profile, that only allows the contractors to show the company's name, a slogan, the list of services and the address. Within the "Gold" profile contractors must pay for other options, such as adding a portfolio, answering to user's reviews etc.

Currently, all the accounts are listed by default as "Gold" or "Not claimed" (for unclaimed profiles). We intend to give away "Gold" accounts until we can secure a steady flow of service requests.

2. displaying paid ads

Although we launched the USA and the Canada websites, we intend to grow locally, little by little. Such a business must be started from a big city (a city with a population of 1-2 million ), then spread towards the rest of the country. Today, our core city is Calgary, but we are open to any switch.

Competitive advantage

Simply put, PinBud is the natural step forward for the local search market. We don't believe nor in the perenity of the model without action ("yellow pages"), neither in the action without transparency ("tip" selling).  We combine the friendly approach of "yellow pages" directories with the practical approach of the "tip" sellers. But we focus on the user's direct experience of contracting local services, through a transparent process.