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PikMyKid Overview:


We all can agree that every school needs to be a safe and secure place for our children. This means a closed campus with access controls and restricted entry points. Yet, when 2.30 pm rolls around, we open all the gates and let students stream out into the corridors and allow unrestricted access to any one who chooses to enter the campus. Since a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, schools with the best security systems are vulnerable if they do not have good dismissal protocols in place. A good dismissal process not only ensures the safety of children but also reduces liability for schools. Keeping parents alerted about their children’s status during daily dismissals and also having a plan for emergency reunification after a crisis can be one of the most challenging tasks a school can be faced with. There are many low hanging safety issues which can be resolved using cost-effective technologies and PikMyKid does precisely that.


PikMyKid is a comprehensive school safety system that ensures student safety and increases teacher efficiency while engaging over 85% of the parents & reducing traffic around schools. Main features include- dismissal automation, parent communication, liability mitigation, Panic Button and SMART Feeds. PikMyKid is a Florida based company, currently in 26 states and 5 different countries with over 200,000 users.






Awards and Mentions
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    National finalist for Codie award for the best technology tool for school administrators
  • 35061_4883
    TBTF - Technology company of the year
  • 35061_4881
    Awarded by Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce
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    Worlds largest crowdfunding festival One Spark voted PikMyKid as the most promising education company.
  • 35061_4878
    Fintech Business plan Competition- USF Business School
    Runners Up at the USF Business plan competition during our ideation phase in 2014
  • Business model

    Solution Offering:


    PikMyKid is the First and Only Comprehensive School Safety Platform that ensures Student Safety, Increases Teacher efficiency while engaging >75% parents and reducing traffic around schools.

    In a short 3 years since launch, PikMyKid today is in 26 states in the US and 5 different countries with over 200K users. PikMyKid addresses all the safety loopholes in the school system today using cost-effective technology and thereby providing a safe learning environment for students while increasing parent engagement in schools. The PikMyKid parent application has an average parent adoption of over 75% in every school, making real life impact in the life of hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and parents daily! The reason PikMyKid’s rapid adoption across the country is because of its innovative design and technology architecture which dramatically reduces the cost of adoption. There is no additional hardware to buy, no on-site installations or expensive training costs.

    The application is completely cloud based, platform agnostic with a simple and easy to use interface for teachers and parents.

    Elevator Pitch:

    “ We all believe that schools need to have a secure campus with access control during school hours. We also do not let strangers roam free in the campus during school time. Then why is it that we throw caution to the wind during daily dismissals and behave contrary to everything we have learned over the years? Everyday at 2.30pm, kids are streaming out of schools into the streets, all doors and access points wide open, teachers try to manage the process using walkie talkies, clipboards, bullhorns and sticky notes while dodging traffic. We at PikMyKid use technology to streamline the entire dismissal process, thus ensuring the safety of children at all times. We enable smooth flow of traffic around schools, while triggering instant alerts to parents, thus increasing accountability and reducing liability for schools.”

    “ We all can agree that we are only as strong as our weakest link. So schools with the most secure campuses and strict access controls are only as safe as their dismissal system. At 2:30, when school’s over, do you have a secure and streamlined process for dismissal? What are the tools you use? Is the process documented to pin point vulnerabilities if something goes wrong? At PikMyKid we streamline the process, close the floodgates, and make sure every child is accounted for.“

    District Hook Questions:

    1) How do your most troubled schools handle their dismissal now?

    2) Do you intend to reduce liability and improve accountability for bus riders & walkers?

    3) Do you experience traffic around school neighbourhoods during school drop-off and pick up times?

    4) Are you looking for a comprehensive school safety solution which handles multiple aspects of safety?

    School Hook Questions:

    1) What challenges are you facing during dismissal?
    2) How many school staff are engaged in the dismissal process?
    3) Is rainy day or snow day dismissal any different and how so?
    4) Do you have an efficient method of communicating with your parents?
    5) Do you have a Panic Button system for all school staff during emergencies?
    6) How do you handle dismissal changes, custody issues & delegations by parents?

    Summary in-depth:

    A chain is only as strong as the weakest link, similarly schools with even the best access control systems are vulnerable if they do not have good dismissal protocols in place. A good dismissal process not only ensures safety of children, but also reduces liability for schools. Keeping parents alerted about their children’s status daily during dismissals and also having a plan for emergency reunification after a crisis can be one of the scariest and yet most challenging tasks a school can be faced with.

    Teacher’s time on the other hand is one of the most stressed resources most schools face. With PikMyKid, teachers have one less thing to worry about at the end of the day - (the safety of their kids) getting kids home safely. An independent study conducted by University of South Florida concluded that PikMyKid saves in excess of $40,000 worth of teacher’s time per year per school by the efficiencies we bring using already existing technologies in the school.

    PikMyKid recognized that dismissal was one of the most chaotic and vulnerable times of any school day and that is where we started with providing 360 degree accountability,
    and communication between parents and teachers during any emergency.

    1. Pricing:

      a) Topline pricing is $1/student/month for 10 months of the school year paid annually. Eg- 500 students would cost $5000 per annum.

      b) Bulk pricing for school districts, Charter school groups and Private school consortiums will be based on a per-site licensing model, wherein the product price is fixed irrespective of the number of students attending the school - $3500/site/year

      c) This annual price will include implementation & training costs of up to 6 hours of remote support per school. It will also include free parent app and unlimited parent app support for the entire year.


      PikMyKid Dismissal Automation:
      • Custom school dashboard

      • District dashboard for district wide rollout

      • Unlimited Staff/Faculty App downloads (Any Device)

      • Unlimited Parent App downloads (IOS, Android, Windows Mobile)

      • Custom dismissal plans: cars, bus, walk, bike, extended day, YMCA, etc...

    • Communication platform with parents - mass email and custom alerts

    • Daily school news bulletin & Emergency Reunification protocols

    • Schedule change management with recurring events on child’s calendar

    • Authorized guardian pickup lists & delegation changes

    • Custom roll call/absentee and dismissal configuration

    • Automated car-tag printing module and template

    • After school activities- check-in and check-out system

    • Custom aluminium ‘PikMyKid Stop Sign’

    • Support for schools & parents {24-7 by email, M-F by phone}

      SAFER Panic Button:

    • School Alarm For Emergency Response (SAFER) ‘Panic Button’ connected to first responders

    • Unlimited custom contact groups for emergency Alarm

    • Unlimited users and App downloads for school staff

    • Pre-configured Safety and incident plans and checklists

    • Mobile and web based ‘SAFER Panic Button’ for school staff

    • Social Media Alerts for Risks and Threats - S.M.A.R.T. Feeds (in Beta)

    • Customizable multi-channel message syndication

    • Silent Alarm to prevent panic at school

    • Alarm originator and location is automatically identified

    • Support for schools {24/7 by email, M-F by phone}


      Increased Communication Teachers with more time Reduced emergency response Traffic mitigation

      Reduced use of paper, walkie talkies, bullhorns
      Reduced idling times i.e. carbon dioxide emissions around school

    Competitive advantage

    Key Selling Points Capabilities/Non-Capabilities

    Business Challenge (Pain points)

    Selling Message (Feature)

    Value Proposition (Benefit)

    With too many parents in the school campus during dismissal, It is the most vulnerable time where a child may be misplaced or exposed to safety threats

    Parent Digital Handshake using App when they enter school campus. School knows who is there on campus at any time to pick up the children

    Staff know the parent name and phone number and the student being picked up. Accurate records for accountability

    We require a visitor management system to check visitors on campus to pick up students

    Using PMK app, parents choose who can pick up their students every day. Time bound delegation helps choose visitors whom they delegate for the day

    Schools don’t have to check physical ids for every delegate during dismissal time or alternatively identify the Delegates and send them to separate queue to validate before picking up

    Front office receives an average of 30-70 phone calls/emails/notes for schedule changes per day. If the teachers misses one of them, then student will be in a wrong bus or van

    Parent can do the schedule changes online that sends real time alert to the school staff. Teacher can download a end of dismissal plan that shows all the latest changes.

    Teacher and Front office staff can save time and focus on increased classroom time/ administrative activities

    Parents are not aware of late arrivals or dismissal times, that could improve the student attendance and in turn the behavior

    Roll Call and Absentee notification via in-app and email help school communicate the Student check-in time and check out time

    Schools can focus on improving student behavior through increased parent involvement in student attendance and checkouts

    School’s insurance policies charge premium based on their student accountability procedures and safety protocols in place.

    With accurate record keeping, audit trails and accountability from teachers, schools actively mitigate liability resulting in lower premiums

    Reduced Insurance premiums, Funding PMK through Insurance grants and better safety records.