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Piercings belong beside tattoos to the trendiest things of today. There are nose, belly button, septum and other piercings in a large selection. If you want to have a body piercing, you should choose the right kind of body jewelry, so you can enjoy the piercing for a long time without complications. Therefore it is important that you buy high quality body jewellery that matches your piercing to avoid infections, inflammations and other complications of any kind. Piercingline is therefore the best place for you, because it offers a range of services to all customers. As a customer you can have piercings or tattoos of your choice made in our studio in Berlin and you can also choose the right kind of jewellery and accessories from a wide range of jewellery and accessories. Piercingline offers a large selection of rings, plugs, gemstones, accessories and care products at a reasonable price. There is also an online shop that offers a variety of products and jewelry for sale. You can choose sterile and high quality jewelry for your piercings or as a gift in the online shop without any effort. Through Piercingline you can choose any kind of body jewelry that suits your interest, whether it is simple or unique jewelry. There are great offers for customers almost every day, and the "New" section contains all the emerging trends in body jewelry. So if you are looking for high quality jewellery or a gift, Piercingline is the place to be, because here you will find jewellery sets, rings, necklaces, bracelets and exceptional piercing jewellery at a reasonable price.