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The PhoenX Group specialize in managing discrete technology projects for small companies and non-profits. We can assist you in defining projects requirements, writing use case and specification documents, recommend platforms, selection of human resources and oversee project milestones.We have access to world class professionals both in the United States and overseas.

Give us a call for  a free one hour review of your project ideas.  214-646-1602 
Database Management 
PhoenX Group's professional team also works in the following disciplines.

1. Data modeling and structures for customize applications using SAAS platforms

2. Data mining and analytics for Microsoft Dynamics, MAS - Sage Financial Systems and other legacy systems

3. Data-driven ecommerce site design, development and support using 

4. Desktop Microsoft Access application  migration to web centric solutions

General Technology Strategic Planning

We assist you in mapping out the long term plans and resources that may be required when planning for the future.  This includes platform evaluations, human resource requirements, budgeting, timelines and milestones and ROI assessments. We also can evaluate the benefits of social media marketing as it might pertain to your business opprotunities.


We provide a full  video production studio to integrate Video content into the full implementation.   And example of this production work is found at this link.