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Cupertino, California, United States United States
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Company description

PhantomALERT, Inc. provides traffic-enforcement and safety location data to drivers with GPS devices and smartphones. Its dynamic database transforms GPS/navigation devices and smartphones into a 100% legal traffic safety and advanced warning systems. Through their devices, PhantomALERT customers receive accurate and timely audible and visual alerts of enforcement and safety locations. In short, PhantomALERT helps drivers avoid traffic tickets by helping them obey traffic laws. Audible and visual alerts pop up on customers GPS or smartphones alerting them to approaching red light cameras, speed cameras, speed traps, school zones, dangerous intersections rail road crossings and
more. Each day, more than 200,000 drivers receive traffic tickets for disobeying traffic rules in the US and Canada alone, yielding an astonishing $6 billion in fines annually. PhantomALERT’ s products provide drivers with a ‘headsup’ warning system that helps them become safer, alert and ticket free —evidenced by more than 150,000 downloads of its database and first-year sales of more than $500k.


Business model

Subscription Based Service and OEM with Partners

Competitive advantage

PhantomALERT has the most comprehensive and accurate database, with more than 350,000 points of interest (POIs) of traffic enforcement and safety locations in the continental United States and Canada— containing red-light cameras, speed cameras (fixed/mobile), speed traps, school zones, railroad crossings, dangerous intersections, dangerous curves and speed bumps. Our database is generated and verified by drivers. In less than two years over 150,000 users have helped us report and verify thousands of Points of Interest. Our innovative POI reporting tool allows any PND owner or driver to report and verify POIs anywhere in the world using the internet and Google Maps. In doing so, PhantomALERT can mobilize thousands of drivers to map and verify every single enforcement and safety zones anywhere in the world. Our method is effective, efficient, accurate and very easily scalable. In addition to crowd sourcing, we also have an in-house team that searches government websites and reports to validate accuracy.