Phantom Augments Inc.
Location: 14024 Hartland Street , Van Nuys, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Phantom Augments Inc.

Preserving Life Through Advanced Robotics // We Manufacture Resilience
Van Nuys, California, United States United States
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Company description

Our objective: Reduce traumatic deaths by at least 40% and do so without requiring first responders to risk their lives.

The Problem: Time

The majority of those who die from trauma, do so from injuries that are treatable. The treatments are simple, they are effective, but they just cannot reach the injured in time. It all boils down to this:

The average nation-wide response times for emergency services are 18 minutes. The leading causes of preventable death in trauma (Bleeding, and airway) kill within 1-9 minutes. 

 The likelihood of an individual surviving these injuries are incredibly small, and the statistics show that. 

Simply put, there is no system in place to save you.   But it doesn't have to be that way.


It's time to fight back: The Solution to San Bernardino, Orlando Night Club, and the Boston Marathon.  To every day needless loss of life. 

 We Present The First Ever Robotic Aerial Medics: Stasis and Reco




Stasis and Reco are a platform capable of responding to immediate, trauma-based life threats in under a minute. Once on scene, they will identify casualties and treat the leading causes of preventable death from injury. Additionally, they will remotely remove individuals from the dangers typically associated with trauma.  



Aerial Tourniquet Applicator Drone with the ability to apply five or more tourniquets in rapid succession. 



An Autonomous Aerial Vehicle for remote casualty/responder extraction, non-invasive airway management, and thermal regulation.


What makes us different:

We are developing drones that treat Injuries.  That prevent injury, and eliminate much of the need for first responders to risk their lives.   

Above all we are providing a solution to the leading cause of death for our world’s youth.

Customer Demographic:

If you are reading this you are the demographic.  Everyone you know and care for is the demographic.  If you're not reading this, then you're still the demographic.  


No one is immune to Trauma...Yet. 


This link is a place holder until the video can be finished. There is nothing there for now.

  • Andrew Dutcher
    Andrew Dutcher | Founder
    Prior 11 Year U.S. Navy Corpsman. Marine Line Company Medic, Scout Sniper Team Member. High Threat Trauma Instructor Founder of Phantom Augments Inc.
  • John Risch
    John Risch | Founder
  • Steve Sedlic
    Steve Sedlic | Advisor
Business model

Phantom Augment’s business model consists of hardware sales via contract procurement to government agencies, and direct B2B sales for private and remote agencies.  Both with additional sales generated by consumable resupply.   Service sales will come from B2C treatment billing and/or B2B through third-party health insurance companies in civilian towns and cities.  Hardware revenue will be the biggest source of revenue initially.  

Competitive advantage

Right now, most devices designed for prehospital trauma medicine are in a primitive state. The reason being is that this aspect of medicine is only 15 years old. It "started" at the beginning of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Which makes it ripe for innovators with experience in the industry. But those innovators are extremely rare.  The quality of medical interventions on the market show that. Currently these devices do not consider the realities of the environments they are intended to perform in. Complex, extremely time-sensitive, dangerous, non-static situations.


There are many psychological, physiological, and physical variables that are not taken into consideration. To give one example: the leading tourniquet fails 80% of times in real world application. 


Stasis and Reco are only the beginning of a long line of disruption. We are not improving on individual products. We are reinventing survivability.