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Company description


Local pet care providers are seeing revenues decline even though the petcare industry is growing to $20B this year. Much of this stems from their inability to communicate well with clients. This is only getting worse as clients become reliant on their smartphones and technology for petcare providers remains outdated.


We connect petcare providers with clients across all channels - from email to a free app. We make it insanely easy to request an appointment 24/7 and just as easy to confirm it - without a phone call. And we're now bringing on other partners to offer food, drugs, insurance, and more through that same channel. We're everything you need for your pet's care.



Business model


Pet care providers will spend $2B this year to attract and retain clients. That's an average of $1.2K spent per month across 150K locations. Pet Parents will spend $36B on pet food and supplies alone.

Distribution - Multi Channel Approach

  • We are partnering with pet care companies like retailers, online pharmacies, and pet health insurance providers. They have been looking for a solution to the same problem - how to get their message from the vet to the client. We solve that problem so they are highly motivated to sell and market our solution.
  • We are partnering with other technology providers like website providers to take on the outdated incumbents. Some pet care providers are used to an end to end solution - so we integrate and sell through these channels to enable our partners to fight the competition. Again, we see great mindshare because we help them make more revenue.
  • We also have a built-in lead generation channel. App users add out of network providers, request appointments, and we close the loop with the provider - turning it into a sales opportunity.

Revenue - SaaS + Additional Streams

  • We sell a monthly or annual subscription from $99 - $199 per month with a one time customization fee.
  • We sell additional services like postcard reminders for follow on revenue.
  • We generate affiliate revenue from our partners by selling their products through the platform.
  • We generate marketing revenue from our partners by weaving in contextual messaging about their products/services.
Competitive advantage


We are the first and only company in the space using the latest technology and taking a mobile-first approach. This not only distances us from the existing competitors but enables these other great advantages.

Consumer experience focused

All of the other solutions have been either cross vertical with no pet focus or vet-centric with features that veterinarians thought were useful. By focusing on a mobile experience and giving pet parents what they want we have seen utilization rates 1000% times better and email open rates above 75%.

Provider aggregation

Mobile is much more personal than the web. I may go to 10 providers' websites but I don't want 10 apps for them. We put the client first and give them a single place for all of their providers. This makes them happy but also gives us a much larger market than our competition and a much better distribution strategy (as evidenced above).