Location: 665 47th Avenue, San Francisco, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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We've worked a long time to create a user-friendly, user-useful, secure personal health history platform that is dynamic, going far beyond the static offerings currently available. Personal Health Cloud is the first interactive + collaborative health solution.

I have worked with Lydia for the past year. Personal Health Cloud is a unique approach that intrinsically advocates for the individual. This technology and approach has an ability to create significant positive transformation that once again is focused on how to best serve the customer, not the system.


The team at Personal Health Cloud is highly motivated and moving forward very quickly to a viable product in the market. They are working diligently to protect every bit of intellectual property associated with their business and are making all the right moves with regard to intellectual property to protect their ideas.


Personal Health Cloud

Your health. Your data. Own it. Your life depends on it.
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

Your health. Your data. Own it. Your life depends on it. 

As the health industry evolves, it is clear that patient data must be portable. Making the individual the hub for all his/her health information is a master solution. It saves time, money, and cuts down on preventable medical errors while encouraging more collaborative relationships between patients and clinicians and healthier life choices.

Personal Health Cloud is a digital platform that is democratizing an outdated system, where you will be able to gather together and manage all the health-related data for all your family members, put it all in context, and use it to make better choices, every day, on your own, and with your professional healthcare providers.

Business model

Personal Health Cloud is a consumer-focused SaaS application with tiered subscription levels. While end-users own and control their Personal Health Clouds, we've identified multiple B-2-C opportunities to enable group adoptio of our product.

Competitive advantage

Peronal Health Cloud has taken a unique approach to organizing data fields, making accounts dynamic, and relevant for a diverse audience of users. It's a contemporary alternative to the static health histories our competitors moved online from paper.

Our market research has shown an appalling lack of awareness by the general public of any online PHRs, not to mention a deep frustration with the status quo of redundant paperwork.

Personal Health Cloud is embarking on disrupting that status quo and enlisting health consumers to make it happen.