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Company description

Penny and Mary is your get sh*t done wedding planning tool (Houzz + Trello).

We offer the first compelling planning tool to use from start to finish by helping couples seamlessly transition from the inspiration phase to getting things done. We help couples: 
1. Organize planning visually 
2. Communicate and collaborate with family, friends, and potential vendors 
3. Use dynamic "plan" to find vendors

Current market offerings in this $70B industry focus on inspiration, retail, and pure marketplaces. All these adds to how disjointed and inefficient the whole journey is for couples - overwhelming tasks, multiple resources, marketplaces not comprehensive enough, various parties to coordinate with, etc.

As our users plan their wedding using our tool, they invite collaborators to our site and all create valuable content for us in the process.

Business model

We have generated revenue through the following:

Vendor Subscription (SaaS)


Competitive advantage

Penny and Mary's competitive advantage is the combination of these key things:


  • Founders with strong business background and 5 years experience working together
  • Unique and compelling product
  • Strong brand story that resonates with a lot of couples
  • Army of offshore workers proven to quicky sign-up vendors and create quality content in the process