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PeerWell is revolutionizing a whole new form of treatment to improve a patients health going into major medical procedures. Our PreHab and ReHab system has shown to improve discharge dispositions for patients in Orthopaedics. The systems are delivered at scale and leverage AI/ML, sensor driven feedback, and more directly to patients.

PeerWell has developed a unique patient-centered approach and has grown to be the leader in patient centered tools in Orthopaedics. PeerWell's cutting-edge technology and refined accessibility have become a favorite for patients going through Orthopaedic procedures. Patients from all over the world are requesting access to PeerWell in order to prepare themselves for their upcoming procedures.





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Business model

PeerWell partners with health systems, insurers, and medical practices to improve patient/member experiences and reduce costs associated with major medical procedures. The business model varies based on the type of customer (health system or insurer) and the volume of the covered procedure. In most scenarios, there is an annual license fee for use of PeerWell.

Competitive advantage

PeerWell's competitive advantage is in 3 categories: patient experience, technology platform, and team.

Patient Experience: PeerWell has a specific focus on delivering a patient-first experience. Our team has spent 3+ years working with patients in older populations to understand how they use technology, when they prefer to use it, and how it delivers value to them. For this reason, we have hundreds of thousands of patients visiting PeerWell directly to learn more about our products and sharing PeerWell with their friends and family. Our brand now reaches 10% of the joint replacement patients in the US.

Technology Platform: PeerWell's platform is designed to be self-contained, scalable, and data-driven. The system learns from patients through their interactions with the applications, the data emitted from wearable sensors, clinical assessments, and proprietary functional assessments we've developed. The data that is collected directly from patients is used to improve each individuals' experience as well as the experiences of others on the platform. Additionally, the data collected is used to inform predictive models such as episode costs, recovery time estimates, and more.

Team: Our team has unique experience from successful technology, consumer, hospital administration, and medical device companies. On the data and engineering side, we are able to borrow from lessons learned as co-founders and early team members of LiveRamp and Palantir, two of the most successful and well known big data companies in Silicon Valley. Our strength in brand and consumer experiences is developed based on lessons from P&G and Guthy|Renker. Finally, we know healthcare intimately with leadership experience from HCA, Calithera Biosciences, and Stryker.


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