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The Peel Personalized TV Experience combines intuitive program discovery, seamless remote control and interactive program engagement and sharing.

TV Discovery: Peel helps you discover great TV in two ways:

1)    Intelligent Recommendations – Tell the Peel app what shows you like, and the Peel algorithm will recommend shows you’ll love.

2)    Social Curation – Connect with friends and family in the Peel app, and be inspired by your network. Learn friends’ favorites and guilty pleasures. Get great recommendations, and see what others are watching right now.

Stop staring at the grid guide and start watching shows you’ll love.

Smart Remote Control: Once the desired show is tapped, the app and Peel Fruit work as a universal remote control to display the show on your TV by turning on everything necessary to enjoy the program, including your TV, set-top box, DVD, Blu-ray player and AV audio system.  

Real-Time Social Interaction: The Peel 2.0 app is Social TV done right by letting us enjoy the chatter around our favorite shows with our friends and family. Share your favorite shows or “guilty pleasures”, as well as see what your friends and family are watching, follow contacts, post show recommendations and comment on posts.