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The peeka-bu Intimate Grooming Mirror is the first ergonomically designed and easy to use mirror for those hard to see places on the body. The peeka-bu mirror attaches to bathroom surfaces via a strong suction cup and rests at the end of a 12" flexible arm, allowing both hands free for trimming, shaving and viewing. This groundbreaking tool is perfect for private hair grooming and all-over body hair maintenance. The peeka-bu mIrror is also a revolutionary contribution to womens' health and well-being, making self-examination easy and accessible. 

My inspiration for the peeka-bu Intimate Grooming Mirror started from a conversation amongst friends about the trials of seeing and grooming the most delicate areas on the body.  For years, the majority of the female (and now male) population have been grooming their body hair regularly with little visibility of what they are doing. People have used handheld mirrors to groom their private areas, leaving much room for dangerous mistakes such as cuts and nicks. Ouch!  For all other areas of the body, such as shaving a face in the shower, regular bathroom and shower mirrors have not done the trick either.  People have been forced to commit to one angle, making it difficult to navigate the curves of the human body. The peeka-bu mirror's flexibility accommodates each person's individual needs.


My other motivation for creating the peeka-bu mirror is to help women stay connected to their bodies through regular self-exams.  Gynecologists today are recommending self-exams to their patients for a number of purposes, yet there is no easy-to-use mirror for a person to see up close, (unless you are extremely flexible).  Peeka-bu solves this problem.  And in turn, it helps women become more in tune and comfortable with their bodies.  Almost every woman in the US has been influenced by the TV hit, "Sex and the City."  One key moment that got everyone talking was when Charlotte was prescribed a self-exam by her doctor and had to use a handheld mirror. This was very challenging for her and brought up a lot of discussion about why many people avoid self-inspection altogether.


At Peeka-bu, we do our part to be friendly to the environment. Our plastic molded parts are made with an additive called, EcoPure, which prevents the parts from emitting toxic waste if discarded. We also offer reduced eco-packaging for our online purchases which has been a huge hit!

There is no substitute for the peeka-bu Intimate Grooming mirror, no make-shift solution. The peeka-bu is a must-have mirror for everyone, whether you're a regular body groomer, a toucher-upper, or just someone who wants to have better access to the hard to see places on the body.  In the near future, Peeka-bu LLC will introduce other Intimate products to complement the peeka-bu mirror that will enhance the marketability of this unique brand. 

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